Ohlone university SMTech Program commences 2nd of NSF-ATE funded Student Internship Project as East Bay Innovation Awards Finalist year

Ohlone university SMTech Program commences 2nd of NSF-ATE funded Student Internship Project as East Bay Innovation Awards Finalist year

Dr. Rose-Margaret Ekeng-Itua Professor of Engineering, Ohlone university Principal Investigator, NSF-ATE give for Smart Advanced production Education when you look at the Silicon Valley

The faculty and staff at Ohlone College – located in the middle of advanced https://cariscompany.com/”>

Come july 1st, Ohlone university partnered with eight businesses, including Tesla, ScanIt Technologies, PrinterPrezz, Evolve production, ElringKlinger, Biolytic, atHUM, and Texas-based SVTronics, to give you internship experiences (both digital and in-person) for 20 Ohlone College pupils. The NSF-ATE give, “Smart Advanced production when you look at the Silicon Valley,” awarded to Ohlone university, supported these internships

The NSF-ATE grant is instrumental in supporting the creation of a diverse workforce both within the Silicon Valley and nationwide. These internships offer pupils because of the much need experiential and project-based learning possibilities, and has now aided historically underrepresented and underserved pupils overcome the “imposter problem” that oftentimes is really a barrier to pursuing engineering along with other STEM professions. Participating students can afford to construct confidence and a feeling of belonging in the industry through internships, consequently increasing retention and success prices of Ohlone College graduates into the industry.

Also, the scheduled system recently received recognition as a finalist for the East Bay Innovation Awards

Presented because of the East Bay Economic developing Alliance, the East Bay Innovation Awards celebrate and honor the extraordinary organizations and companies that play a role in the East Bay’s legacy of innovation. The training category acknowledges companies pioneering revolutionary programs and initiatives to create a strong skill pipeline for the century workforce that is 21st. Winners is established.

Once we anticipate the approaching year, i do want to expand my admiration towards the City of Fremont, Growth Sector, the school management, therefore the SMTech system faculty and staff who possess worked difficult to get this system a success: Tina Kapoor (City of Fremont), Mayor Lily Mei (City of Fremont), Dave Gruber (give Co-PI), Gabe Hanzel-Sello (Director at development Sector), Shivakumar Mathapathi (Faculty), Jeff O’Connell (Faculty) Marina Gonzalez (Student help Specialist), Dr. Lori Silverman (Dean), Dr. Andrew Lamanque (Executive Dean), Dr. Anthony DaSilvo (Vice President of Academic Affairs), Sara Goldware (Director of Strong Workforce), and Dr. Eric Bishop (President).

We have been wanting to remain component associated with the way to increase variety, addition and equity in smart production, engineering, and engineering technology.

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